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The Swing Bat- Softball

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Hear It! See It! Feel It! The patented SWING BAT is an excellent training bat that will get you on the fast track to hitting success! The SWING BAT provides an "auditory snap" sound at contact and an "enhanced visual" of the ball, as you "feel" the power being transferred at contact. You'll get a precision swing every time! It’s simple to use and the results are immediate.


  • Improve Swing Mechanics
  • Increase Bat Speed
  • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Develop Timing and Muscle Memory
  • Build Confidence At The Plate
  • Hit Every Pitch Location
  • Perform One Hand Hitting Drills


  • Designed to fit youth and adult batters
  • Available in 28"/24 oz 
  • Made of high-grade durable polished Aluminum Tubing 1” diameter x 1/8” thick inner wall
  • Grip is a comfortable, non-slip contoured resilient rubber
  • Attached ball is an official size softball
  • Can be used to hit plastic balls (e.g., soft toss drills, one hand hitting drills)