The Swing Bat Produces Results

Available in 26" and 28" The Swing Bat will help you Hear, See, and Feel where you should be making contact with the ball.

This swing training tool is great for all age baseball and softball players. Check it out today.


TSB is one of the very best baseball developmental products on the market today. In an area filled with new innovations and creative designs, TSB stands out as a product that is simple, inexpensive, user friendly, and most importantly, productive.

Dan McDermott, Head Baseball Coach, Regis University

TSB gives me the teaching edge needed to help develop better, faster, and stronger hitters. Using TSB allows me to identify where to make corrections in the batters swing immediately. TSB is one of the most valuable tools to enter into the baseball industry in the last decade.

Steve DeAngelis, Former player on the Phillies, Angels, and A's and Current Chicago White Sox Scout

You can hear it, see it, and feel the dynamic power being transferred at contact. The results are immediate. The swing bat helps you: improve eye-hand coordination, develop timing and muscle memory, increase bat speed, and learn to hit every pitch location.

Mike Glendenning, Former player on the San Francisco Giants, Current St. Louis Cardinal Scout

The Swing Bat Drills

Timing and Tempo are Everything

The Xactswing Golf Training tool is available in the right-handed model, and is ready to help take your golf game to the next level.

This multi-use tool will help you advance your swing, increase power, and most importantly hit the ball straight. 

**The XactSwing is built for non-contact training only. Do not hit a real golf ball with the XactSwing. 

Swing Bat & XactSwing Users